Wooden Casement Windows

Wooden Casement WindowThe casement is a common type of window, where the opening part is hinged usually on a vertical edge. Casement windows take many forms, varying due to date, locality and status of a building. The traditional timber casement window a successor to the stone mullion window became the most common type of window by the second half of the eighteenth century. Offered in various configurations, subdivided by glazing bars, joining together the small panes of glass the earlier designs has the opening part of the window the ‘casement’ mare of iron with lead latticing to the glass. By 1840, the beginning of the Victorian period, the frames and opening casements were made entirely of timber.

In the earlier days, the timber frame of the casement windows was developed from heavy oak frame of medieval openings. Jamb, cill and head all were jointed with a pegged mortice and tenon. Nowawdays at urbanJOINERY we manufacture windows with a slimmer softwood version of this construction which forms the basis of the traditional casement window.

In a typical wooden casement window, a glazing rebate is made on allowing the glass to be fixed from the outside face and be held in place with springs and putty. However as with our flush casement windows a little sophistication has been introduced by means of a moulding on the inner edge of the frame where it adjoins the glass, the glazing bars being moulded to match allowing the glass to be secured from the inside providing better weather proofing and security.

Flush casement window:

Traditional Flush Timber Casement Windows consist of two sashes, which pivot open horizontally in a frame.

Flush Wooden Casement Windowcomponents of a typical construction
1. Fixed mulloin; casement stile
2. Glazing bar
3. Bottom rail
4. Pane
5. Top rail

With all of our joinery being made to order, we are able to re-produce almost any style of wooden casement window no matter how intricate. Some of the most common styles are

  • Flush Casement – consisting of casement frame and sashes flush with the frame
  • Storm proof (lipped) Casement – consisting of casement frame, and sashes with external lip
  • Georgian Casement – consisting of casement frame, and sashes sub diveded into panels e.g. 4×4 6×6 8×8