Replacing Windows in a Conservation area or listed building

We are often involved with assisting clients in replacement Sash and Casement windows for conservation areas and listed buildings.

Conservation areas

Defined by section 69 of the Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas Act 1990:

“…areas of special architectural or historic interest the character of appearance of which is desirable to preserve of enhance.”

Conservation areas usually vary, ranging from historic town centres to industrial and rural villages.

Article 4

Under the Town and Country Planning General Permitted Development Order 1995, certain works may be undertaken without the need for planning permission, and are known as ‘permitted development’. Within conservation areas permitted development is more restrictive, in particular for extensions and alterations to houses, and for other development within residential curtilages.

Not all works in a conservation area require consent, but their character is comprised of many building types, with a wide range of details. The cumulative effect of inappropriate changes to windows, doors, chimneys and roof materials can have a major adverse impact on the overall character of the area. For this reason, the council may resolve to make additional Article 4 and Article 4(2) directions in the future to control minor alterations to buildings.

In making an Article 4 direction, certain permitted development rights are withdrawn for a prescribed range of works. These are works that materially affect some aspects of the external appearance of houses, such as windows, doors, roofs, and frontages. Householders in areas affected by an Article 4 direction need to make an application to the council for permission to undertake such work.

Gaining Planning approval for replacement of Traditional Timber Windows

We are often invited to tender for works related to properties within conservation areas within London and the occasionally the Home Counties. As everything is we manufacture is bespoke, we are able to work within the guidelines and requirements stipulated by any Local Authority including being able to replicate any style or individual detail on the windows being replaced. This can be anything from the style of a horn on a sliding sash window to the drip detail on the transom of a flush timber casement window.

Due to our understanding and experience in this scenario, we are able to offer all of our clients a fully managed service which includes preparing relevant CAD drawings and details required for submission of application to the Local Authority by the clients Architects and can also act as the appointed Agents to deal with such applications.